HUBLOT Big Bang Linen

The case and dial of the Big Bang Linen is formed of linen fibres hand-woven by artisans. A unique weaving process creates a unidirectional weft comprising 100% natural fibres, dyed and paired with a transparent composite. It offers an innovative alternative to carbon fibre, with which it shares mechanical strength, but is lighter in weight and allows an infinite palette of hues. For the strap, Hublot has selected a pure linen fabric sewn onto rubber. It is made from flax gathered, spun and then woven by hand, using only the very best fibres.

This radiant collection is available in 4 eye-popping colours – Ocean Blue, Turquoise, Purple and Orange. Tempting, mouthwatering treats. The perfect partner for any style, the flax used in the Big Bang Linen is coloured with natural pigments. Blue or orange sapphires, topazes and amethysts intersperse the bezel and dial. From the strap of linen sewn onto rubber, to its linen case protected with transparent composite, its linen dial and composite resin inserts, to the stones set into its bezel and marking the time across its dial, the Big Bang Linen boasts a stylish and completely monochrome canvas. Shades are symmetrically applied in subtle coordination, a feat which is very difficult to master as the colour varies according to the penetration of the dye. Many months of research and development were required to match the materials and shades to create the perfect combination.

Four models, each released in a limited edition of 200 pieces, house the HUB4300 self-winding mechanical chronograph movement in a 41 mm case.

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