RJ-Romain Jerome has once again teamed up with La Joux-Perret to produce the Moon Orbiter GMT. Taking some aspects of the original model, the new timepiece is home to an automatic flying tourbillon caliber, a made-to-measure movement which has been entirely redesigned. Unprecedented for the brand, the Moon Orbiter GMT sports an additional complication at 12 o’clock, developed exclusively for this model: a fully-integrated, jumping hour retrograde GMT feature. The new time zone is accompanied by a day/night function, which is indicated by a fully-functional disc engraved with the sun and stars. The complication is regulated by means of a dedicated pusher at 2 o’clock on the case, acting as the timepiece’s claws as the continuity of RJ-Romain Jerome famous X symbol. Set atop a ceramic ball bearing, this distinctive X shape is also to be found on the rear side of the case, on the oscillating weight, balanced by inertia-blocks made from Moon SilverRJ, an alloy made of low oxidation silver and genuine moon dust. RJ-Romain Jerome’s unique spring piston lugs have been specially adapted for the new round case, ensuring maximum comfort on the wrist.

The Moon Orbiter GMT marks a break from the previous model with a 48 mm rounded case, made from steel incorporating elements from the Apollo 11 spacecraft. In the centre, the dial is arranged around the brand’s iconic traverses, in which a flying tourbillon is set at 9 o’clock, balanced by the time dial at 3 o’clock. The tourbillon is particularly remarkable for its assertive aesthetics and for the bridges’ highly contemporary architecture. Characteristics of the Moon Orbiter GMT, the plate and dial form one piece that is engraved with a stellar pattern motif. It allows maximum visibility on the movement’s circular-grained components and train, both on the dial and on the rear side. Bringing a resolutely more contemporary touch, the redesigned hands feature a red tip as“a subtle reminder of the red Moon,” says Manuel Emch. To complete the timepiece, the black alligator strap has been enhanced with a red stitching. Constituting a contemporary embodiment of fine watchmaking, the Moon Orbiter GMT timepiece comes in a strictly limited edition of 25.

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